Building Relationships + Growing Communities in Real Estate

At Tii, we’re your trusted partner in real estate investing, with nearly a decade of experience, a people-first approach and a proven track record, we steward your passive investments with care. Our extensive experience in construction will give you peace of mind – that your projects are in capable hands. 

10 Years of Diversified Industry Experience

100+ Flips, 50+ New Builds, 191 Approved Units in Development

100’s of 1000’s Paid Out in Capital to Passive Investors

Our Core Services

Passive Investment Opportunities

  • Land Development
  • Single Family Homes
    • New Construction Specs
    • Full Gut Remodels for Resale or Hold


Management services and profit distribution

  • Build-to-Rent

Property Acquisitions

  • Lots + Land Parcels
  • Single Family Homes

What Makes Us Different

People-First Mindset: Investing with a company is a huge step for a lender (or partner) to take and deserves frequent, dedicated communication. That communication goes beyond just their first meeting or investment with us. We are transparent in how we use their funds and how the process is going while we wait to see returns. When lenders come to us, they will feel seen and known-resting in the confidence that their money is stewarded by good, trustworthy hands. 

Experienced Leadership: While risk is inherent to the business, it can be mitigated with an experienced guide to help navigate the investing world. Unlike others in the industry, we’ve been around for almost a full decade and have a proven track record of success to show for it. 

Construction Prowess: We have been directly involved with the real estate world for years beyond just investing – our sister brand, Hoeken Design Build, manages all of our invested properties’ construction. With over 100 house flips, over 50 new builds, and 10 subdivisions, Tii lenders work with experts in not only real estate investments but also residential construction.

The Birth of Tii

Tii, or “The Inspiring Investment”, stemmed from the desire to:

  • Build a company that would stand the test of time
  • Be a conduit for wealth-building and generating leaders
  • Inspire people to become the best version of themselves

Our Mission:

Empowering People To Thrive

Our Vision:

1000 in 7: We will lay the foundation for 1000 housing units by 2030.

Meet the Founders

Hello, we are Katie & Uriah Dortch and we’re glad you’re here. To share a little about ourselves: Uriah’s background working for a REIT laid the foundation of project management, acquisitions and construction experience required for Tii’s business activities today. Katie is a former ICU nurse whose operational and creative mind has served the company in business development since its inception.

A few of the things we value, personally: our faith, investing in our marriage and health, and maintaining strong community connections.

Aside from leading our construction and acquisition teams and working together most days, we have four amazing children. Each of them can tell you our family motto is “Dortches Never Give Up” – and we try to live up to that.

We’d love to get to know you, too.