Uriah is consistently disappointed when he pays people to do landscaping. His opinion is:

If you want something done right, sometimes you just have to Do-It-Yourself.

Landscaping is one of the best DIY projects. With a modest monetary input and a whole lot of sweat, your yard can be turning heads. Not only that, but curb appeal is incredibly important for re-sale value.
This past weekend, in addition to celebrating Father’s Day, we spent an entire day – the whole family – out at the Hole-y Colonial giving it a facelift.

Here are 4 little tips when tackling a DIY landscaping project:

  1. One little trick to keeping those freshly planted $$ alive is by keeping them watered. A soaker hose is a great solution to this! My neighbor actually gave me this idea. (She has an incredibly green thumb and has a wealth of knowledge in the plant department – she may be helping us on some future projects)

Soaker Hose
2. Take the time to space your plants appropriately before you pick up your shovel to start digging or else….. you may be sad and also much more tired. Staggering your plants a bit help to give the illusion that there are more plants than there are.
Lining up the plants
3. In most cases, decorating in odd numbers brings a sort of balance. Groups of 3’s or 5’s look the best. The same applies to your plants.
4. Mulch – just do it. Spreading it sucks. But do it. Because it makes your yard look so much better. (pine straw is a good alternative)

More before and after pictures of Landscaping at the Hole-y Colonial:


Until Next Time…