Top 5 Podcasts You Need to Know About

Between running a house-flipping/real estate/renovation business, meal planning, laundry, homework and bathing for 4 kids, I don’t have much time for reading lately. (Even when I do, I kinda just want to veg out and watch This Is Us.) However, in order to grow in life and business, it’s important to always be filling your cup with new information. Podcasts are a solution. Well, podcasts and audiobooks, but for now I’m listing my top 5 best podcasts complete with mini descriptions. (The titles are direct links)

5 of the Best Podcasts

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Bigger Pockets

Uriah and I are long-standing advocates for this podcast. If you are an aspiring, new, or experienced real estate investor, you need to be involved in this network. There is a wealth of free information and a community of people who are open and willing to help you. It is free to join, but also offers pro-level membership options. This podcast is where our real estate journey began and how we built an educational foundation that has kept our business standing for the past 4 years.

Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey 

Happy Hour is fairly new to me, but a refreshment to my entrepreneurial spirit as a mother and woman who is actively involved in our business. She often interviews other women who are also self-employeed. Jamie invites her “girlfriends” and to come on her show and talk about the little things in life – and everything in between: marriage, faith, family, parenting, sorrow, grief and joy. It feels like your just sitting down with her to have a cup of coffee.

Risen Motherhood

This podcast is specifically about motherhood. Parenting is hard, you guys! The women of this podcast uplift me and help me prioritize gospel-centered, grace-filled teaching. The best part? It’s short – like 20 minutes. I’m giving my best effort to make this a part of my weekly schedule.


Jon and Sherry inspire many with design-on-a-budget ideas. I love how colorful, clean, and functional her style is. When we bought our first “flip”, their blog was my go-to for how-to tutorials, color inspiration and cost concious decorating tips. That was almost 8 years ago! A few books and three primary residences later, they are currently design home products and are renovating their second airbnb beach house! Their podcast is light and funny. I highly recommend this one.

Simple Wholesaling

Uriah’s personal favorite, this podcast stands out from the rest because of the heart behind it. Brett and Brian carry consistent personal beliefs to our own and they happen to be in the same industry. That is hard to find. Not many real estate investors care much about being ethical or allowing the character of Christ to reflect in their work, but they do. In fact, I think this podcast is what inspired us to take a bolder stand in this department, to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Until Next Time …

That’s all I can keep up with for now. Do you have any podcasts you enjoy listening to on the regular? Sharing is caring ☺️

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