Chosen: A Raleigh House Flip

The Story of a Raleigh House Flip

One afternoon we received a call from the sweetest woman; we’ll call her Mrs. J. She owned a house in Raleigh that desperately needed work. It was special to her and she wanted to sell, but not to just anyone. She’d chosen us.

resized shenandoah exterior before house flip raleigh design budget renovation before after split level

She said in her Google review:

I wanted to find someone who would bring it to life again; someone who cared about creating a place for another family to call home; someone with experience who would do quality work; and offer us a fair price.  It almost seemed too good to be true when I found The Inspiring Investment – it was exactly the buyer I hoped for.

We sat there together in her living room, almost all the furniture had been moved out, except for a few lawn chairs. (The most comfortable lawn chairs I’ve ever sat in, by the way)

Against the Wall Separating the Living Room and Kitchen

Mrs. J began to unfold her story, which included an unexpected health scare and, thankfully, remission. She shared how she’d felt: she had been given a new start and selling the house was a part of that.

After agreeing to a price that was fair for both parties, we hugged, parted ways, and closed two weeks later with the promise to make it beautiful.

Throughout the renovation, Mrs. J was kept updated and then invited to a reveal of the completed house.

Bringing the Broken to Life

This house was broken, in need of saving. It needed to be brought back to life again. Personally, I can relate to being in a state of brokenness. It’s a part of my story and my faith, but mostly, it’s why we love what we do.

Mrs. J was able to move on, resting in the fact that the broken house she treasured would be made new. We are humbled and grateful she chose us as her buyers.

resized basement value add bedroom value budget renovation house flip raleigh shenandoah

Now, want to see what we did next? You’ll be happy you did, because we are sharing why it’s important to keep your options open in the design plan of any home renovation. There’s alot of value-add potential in that basement you seee above. Here’s a sneak peak:

Framing DIY Raleigh House Flip Flipping Houses We buy houses need work as-is

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And if you happen to be in the same boat as Mrs. J, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s start the conversation.

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