When Raleigh House Flippers Renovated An Airstream, Part 1

I realize you may be thinking, these guys are house flippers, why are they renovating an airstream? Well, can I be honest? Sometimes we think the same thing. However, this is a dream I’ve had for a while now (I blame Pinterest): to renovate this shiny, take-you-back-in-time, glamping, pull-behind trailer. It’s not JUST because they look pretty:
pretty airstream raleigh

Why Are These House Flippers Renovating An Airstream?

Uriah and I work hard. Like really hard. TOO hard. Also, we have 4 kids, so family vaca’s break the bank. Our decision to buy this airstream mainly revolved around being intentional about creating memories with our kids. Our intention is to use it as a tool to to travel, to explore, and to rest.
In order to accomplish this, we had to find an airstream option that we could modify to actually fit our clan and were inspired by this family of 6 who actually live in their airstream full time: The Longneckers

large family airstream vintage renovation inspiration raleigh
Tiny Shiny Home

In my eyes, this family was proof that my idea was possible. The Longnecker’s camper is a 31 foot vintage trailer with a rear bathroom, so we knew we needed at least that size.

Airstream: The Purchase

The hunt was on. I scoured craigslist and facebook groups and finally found a trailer that had been gutted. We found a seller in Virginia and meet him at a shopping center in a small little town then followed him to where the trailer was parked. Turns out, the location was a bit #sketch. While driving down the road, the guy suddenly pulled off the highway onto this gravel side street straight into a field! Uriah and I looked at each other and exchanged “I love you’s” just in case we didn’t come back out alive.
After a bit of negotiating, we came to an agreement and pulled out of that field with our shiny silver bullet.

how to renovate vintage airstream raleigh

Unfortunately, since then, this beautiful mess-of-potential sat at our friend’s house for months and months, just waiting for her debut. Friends, the time has come and this project is finally in the works!

vintage airstream renovation raleigh before

Airstream: Design Inspiration

While Uriah and the guys research and begin putting the main structure back together, I am working on the design plan. I’m finding inspiration from the following people:

vintage airstream tiny living raleigh renovation
A Small Life
vintage airstream full time living design inspiration
Mavis the Airstream

And of course, the Longneckers…

inspiration vintage airstream renovation
Tiny Shiny Home

But What Do We Name It?

Lastly, she still needs a name! Maybe I’ll put it to a vote in Insta? Leave a comment below if you have any ideas.

airstream before renovation raleigh
Until Next Time ….

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