Black Fireplace Ideas

A Fireplace Makeover

You have to admit, no matter how large or small a space, there’s something about a fireplace that makes a house feel home-y. If you want to add a custom touch to your home or flip, fireplace makeovers are fairly easy way to achieve that. Not to mention, a trend is circling for *black* fireplaces and we are here for it. 

If you recall the flip, Dennis the Menace, particularly the small footprint, you can see the need for a focal point design feature in order to compensate for its size. Plus, given the location Inside the Beltline, comparable homes in the neighborhood supported the extra cost and effort. ITB generally demands on-trend selections and we do not intend to disappoint.

Here is our subject, the black fireplace from the Dennis the Menace flip:

Black Fireplace Ideas featured by top house flipping blog, The Inspiring Investment.
before/during construction

Let’s design a Black Fireplace

As is common with the design process, we take our idea of a black fireplace and seek inspiration or validate the concept we see our head.

Black Fireplace Ideas featured by top house flipping blog, The Inspiring Investment.

Feeling fairly confident about the color selection, we type “black fireplaces” in the search box on Pinterest and voila: plenty of images to glean ideas. The key with Pinspiration is to avoid going down the rabbit hole of “Ooooh I love that living room! Who’s this person??” … and the next thing you know, you’re reading about Sara from Sarasota’s latest trip to Cabo. 

Focus on fireplaces, people!

In our Pinterest search, there are three different elements that we’re attracted to, other than the color black:

  • Painted brick 
  • Shiplap
  • Wood Mantles

And three things that we love the look of, but won’t implement due to our particular space or budget – you should still pin them to a board for future inspiration.

  • Sconces
  • Floating shelves 
  • Built-ins
Black Fireplace Ideas featured by top house flipping blog, The Inspiring Investment.
Source: Blesser House
(I love this post: she makes a case for using black paint)

Black Fireplace IDEAS with Painted Brick

Love Love Love the painted brick against the white walls here. This entire space has the eclectic vibe down pat!

A more modern painted brick vibe:

And, again, a modern vibe, but I’m fairly certain this is stacked tile – a definite option for the Mid Mod Flip fireplace.

Black Fireplace Ideas featured by top house flipping blog, The Inspiring Investment.

Black Fireplace IDEAS with Shiplap

Maybe white shiplap is going out, but black shiplap is here to stay! Love it with the black windows.

Now we have black shiplap with a wood mantle. Wood elements are magical: they really soften a space.

Black Fireplace IDEAS with Wood Mantle

Yes. This painted brick with wood mantle screams old-made-new, reclaimed goodness.

Not a huge fan of this mantle, but love the wood and charcoal combo just the same.

This is probably the closest combination of all all the elements we’d like to incorporate for Dennis the Menace’s fireplace.

In LOVE with this old brick and chunky black mantle. It’s too bad the original brick wasn’t this pretty:

PS: The link with this picture takes you to this entire space and it is gorgeous.

PSS: Yes, this was a rabbit hole I went down, like I told you not to do 🙂

Is your head swimming with inspiration now? Mine sure was! I think we’ve seen enough to come up with a plan. Next I’ll show you the end result!

Hopefully this post helps you as you navigate and plan your own spaces. Have a good one, friends!

Until Next Time…

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