Meet Kelly! Our 2019 Inspiring Intern

These past few years, we've had the opportunity to host several interns through our Inspiring Intern Program. I created this Inspiring Internship program after purchasing The Internship Bundle by Nancy Ray. Let me tell you, they simply keep getting better and better....

Meet Kayla! Our Office and Design Assistant!

We are beyond excited to finally be able to introduce you to Kayla, our Office and Design Assistant. You know when you meet someone and they are like a breath of fresh air? That’s what this girl is to me. It's been about 3 years of juggling multiple hats and I’m...

We’re Hiring!

You guys, this past year was a wild ride. We've experienced growth we couldn't have imaged and definitely wouldn't have believed had you told us at the beginning of the year. Each of our 4 team members is at maximum capacity and our workload is more than we can...

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Hi There!

I'm Katelynn and this is Uriah. We are accidental real estate investors & home renovators who've been buying houses that need work since the beginning of "us". We see beauty and redemption in taking a home from broken to whole and are leveraging our experience in flipping houses to help you with your house problems. Whether you're knee deep in a home reno, thinking of starting one, or have a fixer upper you want to sell, we are here for you!
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On This Blog we discuss topics related to real estate flipping houses renovation construction how to tips and tricks resources