Deck Renovation Project: How to Bring an Old Deck Back to Life

Is your deck looking a little disimal?

Check out what we did with the back deck at our first house where we were faced with a predicament: a big project with shallow pockets:
Our first “flip” had this gigantic deck, which spanned the length of the house and overlooked the back of the property. Unfortunately, we could not enjoy the space very well because it was in such disrepair – and a safety hazard. The bannister was wobbly, some of the bottom boards were loose, and a lot of the boards rotten. The only good thing about it was the main posts were stable. Thankfully, my genius husband had an idea: to flip the boards over and re-install them upside down! The side of the board that had not been exposed to the elements would be in better shape – and more smooth. That way, we would theoretically only have to pay for the materials to replace the bannister. What a cost savings! In reality, we did have to replace about 30% of the boards, but it was much better than the alternative… and this deck renovation project is a great idea for anyone who may be in the same situation we were in.
Deck Renovation Project tips featured by top house renovation blog, The Inspiring Investment
Be forewarned – repairing a deck in this way is tricky business. The key is to work systematically and not fall through the cracks when the deck boards are missing. It is not for the faint of heart – especially if your deck is really tall.  ** I feel the need to interject that one should consult a professional before attempting this at home **

Deck renovation Project Bonus Tip:

When replacing deck boards, be sure to install them with a gap in between, allowing water to flow through during rain. Uriah used a nail as a spacer to keep it even throughout the installation. Also, make sure to install proper deck ledger board flashing where the deck meets the house. This ensures water does not penetrate through.
After the deck repair, we were looking at discolored boards that would definitely show through a regular stain. So, we went with a solid color deck stain that was designed for that purpose. It is called Deck-A-New by Anvil and they carry it at Lowes. I think it turned out pretty good – do you?

I’m thinking of doing something similiar to my current back deck, because… ew.
Deck Renovation Project tips featured by top house renovation blog, The Inspiring Investment
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