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Casual Friday: Life-giving Practices from Ashlyn Carter, Things We’re Loving, Project Updates and Encouragement for you

A Fun Friday Post

Hi friends! Checking in to ask – how are you? Where are you mentally?

I received a super helpful email in my inbox from Ashlyn Carter with some peaceful, life-giving practices to help us during this time of social distancing. Credit goes to her, but I thought I’d share these ideas with our tribe too:

  • Phone a friend: send a message or check in on 3-4 friends or family members 
  • Get outside for a few minutes each day: a short walk or run, go for a bike ride or gardening
  • Practice generosity: once per week get on Nextdoor or your favorite facebook group for like 10-15 minutes – look for someone in need – pick up groceries or medications or give something you have away!
  • Share a small business you use and love on IG or FB! (don’t forget your favorite restaurants, who operate on slim margins!)
  • Finish the online course you started but never finished
  • Read one chapter of a book
  • Do something creative – even if you’re bad at it, it’s therapeutic!
  • Spring Cleaning – Organize one drawer, cabinet or closet per week

I began to implement some of these things mid-week and it’s truly helped my mindset. Thank you Ashlyn!

Things I’m Loving

We appreciate it when you use the links on our posts, some off which are affilate links and don’t cost you any extra to use. Disclosures


Needing a distraction and to read just for leisure, I ordered two books that arrived this week on Amazon. Where the Crawdads Sing and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, recommended by two different friends. I can’t wait to get lost in them. (… and no, these are not on my reading list for 2020, k?)

Entertainment for the Kids

I also ordered these creative play toys and these STEM magnet blocks to assist with the whole non-electronic entertainment for the boys.

Supporting Local

The kids have been keeping busy preparing the garden beds, so it’s time to think about vegetable seeds! We’re trying our hand at starting plants from seedlings this year which prompted the search for seeds. With the weather warming up, I decided to look locally rather than ordering them as originally planned. The growing concern of the effect social distancing has on local businesses weighing heavily on my mind, I started calling local garden stores. Fairview Garden Center near Holly Springs was the winner. I gave Anna our list of seeds and shopped via some pictures she sent me, paid over the phone and picked it up curbside. What service! I can’t tell you the gratitude I saw on their faces as we pulled up. 

This Giveaway!

I’m participating in a giveaway on Instagram with some super generous friends – it’s an Amazon giftcard! Stay tuned for that – if you aren’t following us on Instagram, be sure to do so and turn on notifications, so you don’t miss it!

Getting Outside

My dad introduced us to the game of pickleball this week. I grew up playing tennis, yet without fail, Uriah (who did not grow up playing tennis) beats me in racketball every time we play at the YMCA. It’s safe to say I’m basking in my win after coming back from being down 8-16 (out of 21 points).

The One Room Challenge

I decided to participate in the One Room Challenge! (although I still need to sign up) Changes in the economic climate have really made me think about loving my own home a little more, plus it’s a creative outlet to cope with everything happening. I’ve been wanting to make some updates at our house for some time and I believe I can do these things with minimal $$ investment: paint, trim, some wall stenciling, floating shelves: going back to the DIY roots over here. Choose a space in your home and join me! It will be fun.

Friday is Pizza Night!

At our house, Friday night is pizza & movie night. Brecken’s movie of choice? The Greatest Showman. You’ve got it, buddy! I plan on making HOMEMADE pizza using this easy recipe by Smitten Kitchen, recommended by a friend who’s a pastry chef. Don’t be fooled – I am not Ms. Homemaker, but this short season is really helping me enjoy things like this, when I normally wouldn’t! Reading Ava Berry Lane’s IG post the other day truly encouraged me in this.

Business Updates: Flip Projets & Airbnb

**As a company, we’ve made several changes to our day to day workflows and practices to help with social distancing, however the nature of construction does not allow most work to be done from home. While it is not “work-as-usual”, we are re-assessing on a daily and weekly basis, our team relies on income to feed themselves and their families, we will work on a modified model to ensure our projects move forward and in the long-run, keep fueling our economy.

Mid Mod Flip

  • Hired a local wood worker to make a custom front door – and it is finished! Just need to seal it.
  • DIY barn door for the master bathroom – Uriah and I plan on working on it this weekend. (see this post for where we’re getting inspiration)
  • Fireplace – the plan is for a DIY concrete treatment. Still researching… 
  • Currently working on the “before” post for this project.

Dennis the Menace 

  • Was under contract
  • … but fell out of contract due to buyer’s financing
  • Praying for a solid buyer, house basically has all new everything

Wyatts Pond Flip

  • Demo complete
  • Working on Selections & Design Plan 
  • Closely monitoring the budget on this one
  • Plan on doing a video walkthrough today

Houses we haven’t shared much of on SM: 

Harper House Flip

  • Haven’t shared much of this one on SM, because it’s not a beautiful before and after
  • Tight deal
  • Exterior paint is hideous, but in good condition, so we just made a few siding repairs and kept exterior paint as-is – focused on the important repairs
  • Scope included new roof, windows, water heater, interior paint, flooring, cabinets and counters
  • Good news? We listed this past week and it’s under contract!

King Rich Flip:

  • Don’t have great before pictures of this one, but also haven’t shared it on social media
  • Delegated work to a subcontractor near the end of last year – it’s taken forever! 
  • But, Krystal and I just finished wrapping up the lighting order prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and product is now arriving ever-so-slowly on the front porch
  • Time for Inventory!

An Airbnb Update

  • All three Airbnb properties have long term leases in place!
  • Our last guest checked out Monday
  • New tenants move into The Cary Cottage: April 1
  • They are buying the couch, desk, area rug and table, chairs and TV!

Some Encouragment for you: Focusing on the Positive

Garrett, our project manager, made a good point during his weekly check in with Uriah this week. He said a major reason for gratitude is that this Coronavirus didn’t hit in January, because at that time, we had about 18 projects at various stages. Now most of the projects have sold and we only have 3 to be concerned about. 

Counting blessings has never been more important. Although we do not advocate putting one’s head in the sand, there’s something to be said about looking for the positive, especially in times of uncertainty. This helps us hold on to hope instead of spiral into fear. It’s okay to recognize the anxiety you’re feeling, but don’t let it hold on to you. 

Name three – five things to be grateful for each day, friends. Write it on your mirror, in your planner or on your hand if you need to. It’s gonna be okay. 

We’re grateful for:

  • Taking a haitus with Airbnb hosting for now
  • Our amazing private lenders 
  • Opportunities to come
  • Our kids who constantly make us smile
  • A loving God who hears our cries and never fails to provide

Next week we plan to share some of the changes we’ve made and how we’re pivoting in a potentially dicey real estate market – Yes! We’re still buying houses!

Wishing you health, strength, and positivity, friends.

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