Flipping Houses

Buying Houses and Flipping Houses

This act of buying houses, renovating and selling for profit is called Flipping Houses. Although this phrase or job descriptions sounds shiny and exciting, it is hard work and risky business. The real reward in helping people. However, buying houses in disrepair is a valuable service to those who need it: sellers who feel trapped, burdened or exhaused by their house.

The Inspiring Investment is a home buying company whose end goal is to serve our community. We buy houses that need work and transform them into spaces people want to call home.

Flipping houses is only one type of real estate investing, but it is a large part of our business model.

The Flipping Houses category categorizes our content related to construction, house flipping, whether education, recommended resources, renovation stories, or images.

We’ve learned a lot in our almost 100 flips and over the years. One of our goals is to be a resource to sellers, other investors, and home renovators.