La Rancharita: Design Plan

La Rancharita: Design Plan

Behind the Design: La Rancharita

One of the first steps I take when approaching the design for a house flip, such as La Rancharita, is the house itself. I try to visualize who will live there: a young professional, a family, college students?
Does the location support current design trends or is it more traditional?
How can I make it look unique? How will it stand out?
Then I turn to the trusted *Pinterest* and start pinning. I create a board with the name of the project and begin to brainstorm and visualize how different selections may look together. (Stick around to see the Pinterest Inspiration Board near the end of this post.)
La Rancharita will most likely be a rental and due to it’s location, I see young professionals living in this space. Additionally, the budget for this project is T-I-G-H-T, so low cost, durable materials will be used. We will incorporate some DIY projects and repurposed materials to achieve our goals.

Be Inspired

Here is the Inspiration Picture for the front elevation.

flip house raleigh front elevation inspiration wood beams stone pillarsI don’t know the source – glad to tag if it’s yours!


LaRancharita’s Front Elevation “Before”
before flip house renovation raleigh
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How La Rancharita Looks Now

new front porch ranch raleigh flip
What we did:

  • Changed roof lines
  • Added front porch
  • Bricked up front windows
  • Moved entrance to the center of the house

how to change size windown on brick house flip house raleigh

La Rancharita: Design Elements

Now that you’ve seen the outside, let’s take a look at the plan inside. I am entertaining the idea of incorporating concrete elements to the design, such as this light by Tudo & Co.:
concrete lighting fixtures unique rope pendant light industrial
Mixed with wood, like this idea:
wood iron brackets floating shelf shelves open shelving kitchen renovation flipping houses raleigh
Found here, a etsy shop.
And last but not least, an idea for the master ensuite at larancharita: loving this image from Vintage Industrial Style.
concrete wood vanity bathroom remodel industrial pendant round mirror modern
Currently, the interior of this flip looks something like:
living room insulation framing vaulted ceilings ranch flip raleigh

This is the view from the living room looking into the main open space. The kitchen will be on the right hand side, the hallway entrance and entry wall are on the left.

living room insulation framing vaulted ceilings ranch flip raleigh

Above shows a new entry, moved from the far left (now there is a picture window), closer to the center of the house (shown on the right – the large piece of plywood).

These pictures do look a bit rough to the average person, but rest assured, we are well on our way to seeing the pretty stuff. Thus far, La Rancharita has passed all rough in, electrical, framing, plumbing, and insulation inspections!!
.…. But picture this:

  • A distressed wood around that center beam
  • The vent hood extending to the top of the vaulted ceiling in the kitchen
  • Floating shelves on either side of the hood
  • Stained hardwood floors
  • Versatile Open Concept Main Living Space

Inspiration board for LaRancharita

design inspiration flip renovation raleigh vaulted ceilings concrete wood
I want to know what you think! Is there anything you would add? Perhaps a feature wall at the entry?
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Take A Walk Through La Rancharita

Coming soon …

10 Kitchen Ideas For Your Next Home Renovation Project

10 Kitchen Ideas For Your Next Home Renovation Project

We flip houses, so we’ve seen a lot of kitchens: they are the heart of a home. It’s important to get it right.
renovated kitchen cary flip home buyers

1. Nailing “The Kitchen Triangle”

The sink, stove and refrigerator see the most action in the kitchen, therefore, it makes sense that they be in close proximity to each other… but not too close.

If The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home, The Sink Is The Heart Of The Kitchen

Ideally, the three will form a triangle, the chef can easily move between to create their masterpiece.

2. Functional Storage: A Must

Let’s talk about storage. Who here has a junk drawer in their kitchen? What about an overflowing silverware / utensil drawer?

Our suggestion is to invest in quality cabinets up front; large lower drawers as opposed to excessive larger lower cabinets. Upgrade to wider utility drawers and organization features. If its an either/or situation, put your money towards quality cabinets over granite or quartz and high end appliances. Save up and upgrade those items later.
Check out this idea for storing larger appliances:
kitchen storage idea

Or this one from Houzz for cooking utensils:

Additionally, if you can, choose cabinets that exhaust your vertical storage. Taller is better.

3. Maximize Counter Space

Lack of counter space is one of the biggest complaints in kitchen design. It is prudent to maximize it where possible. Where will you put your seasonal decor? What about your pretty stand mixer? Consider adding a breakfast bar or island.

kitchen island renovation raleigh flip

4. Consider An Island

An island addition can solve the problem of both storage and extra counter space. However, let us advise you not to do this at the expense of functionality. Fresh Home states:
“An island should be at least 4 feet long and 2 feet deep, but it also must have room for people to move and work around it. Specialists say that unless your kitchen is at least 8 feet deep and 12 feet long, you shouldn’t even consider an island.” (source: here)
Accept your kitchen for what it is.

5. Keep Trends In Check

We love staying on trend, it’s a perk of the biz. However, a kitchen remodel is a large investment; one that you don’t want to have to re-live in 5 years. The safest decision a homeowner can make is to choose the most classic look possible for the most expensive purchase of your kitchen: the cabinets. One exception to this is if you are upcycling cabinets or saving money by painting your existing ones. In those cases – make your mark, inspiring people! Please share below… I want some inspiration!

We did this in our kitchen:

before after kitchen renovation flip cary

Now, it’s even better, because we have a backsplash!

6. Splurge On The Details

You must have a backsplash. I can not emphasize this enough. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it must have something. If I am being honest, I will tell you that we don’t always follow this rule, because budgets are cruel. However, if you can manage a DIY project or save up, it will make a big impact in the look of your kitchen. Again, this can be done later.
backsplash renovation kitchen remodel cary flipping houses raleigh

7. Adequate Lighting

Since I refuse to sacrifice style for functionality, two words for you: can lights. They will allow you to have the best of both worlds. Uriah forever complains about my lighting selections. Those all-so-trendy edison bulbs don’t always cut it in the brightness department. Can lights solve that problem, allowing you to choose unique light fixtures that will transform your space with out inhibiting your ability to see. That said, if the budget is tight – upgrade that later!

8. Ventilation

It’s important. Maybe not visually, but there is nothing more unattractive in a kitchen than the smell of the salmon you cooked last night lingering in the morning while you’re eating breakfast.

How about a custom vent hood?
custom vent hood kitchen renovation
This is a great DIY vent hood project

9. The Trashcan Isn’t Pretty

No one wants to stare at your trashcan. If you are installing new cabinets and your space allows, make it built-in: just do it. You will be happy you did. Even better, make sure to allow enough space for two bins: one for recycling, the other for trash. There are plenty of after market options at Lowes or Home Depot.

10. DIY Overload

We are all for saving a buck, however, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Be realistic about your abilities, value your own time, and consider hiring out the work.

A Peak into the Design Plan of our Raleigh Flip

A Peak into the Design Plan of our Raleigh Flip

This house is a split level. It is actually the first split level we have had the opportunity to renovate. The design has been a challenge, but exciting to take on. Split levels often lend themselves well to more modern designs, which is why we named this house “The Modern Split”. Key elements we are inclined to incorporate into the design are a more narrow board and batton siding, horizontal stained wood accents, assymetrical elements, and either clean and white with dark accents, or bold contrast

Crisp white combined with large, dark house numbers and incorporating horizontal wood elements, like the planter box shown above. is one option …

– or –

Bold contrasting colors. The dark grey combined with the light grey in the top right picture, along with the wood elements seen in the bottom right picture adequately give a visual for what the outcome of this exterior elevation may be.

Bringing in some of the antique brass once again to this project. Clean lines, cool greys, mixed with warm woods and classic shapes will be a nice combination.

These are the lights selected for the main living space, which will include two pendants over the island, an entry light (the honeycomb fixture) and a dining light. This dining room light (from West Elm) will help to tie the antique brass and matte black hardware together.
The open layout will lend itself well to entertaining. The kitchen will have white and grey shaker cabinets, a herringbone backsplash as seen below and quartz countertops. Some of the hardware will also be antique brass, bringing together the style of the light fixtures.

Either outside on the porch or inside on the small section of stairs, the plan is to have a more modern railing.

Currently, we are in the planning process of built-ins for the front entry. A drop zone, such as seen above will be instrumental to the functionality of this house.
On another note … we have great news!!

We have passed all rough-in inspections for the city of Raleigh!!!

This is when the fun part begins! Get ready to see lots of visual changes to the Modern Split in the coming days! Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on instagram @theinspiringinvestment and visit our Facebook page!
Until Next Time…

A Word about a Local Raleigh Small Business

A Word about a Local Raleigh Small Business

Decorating and Staging are things I really enjoy being a part of here at The Inspiring Investment. While staging the houses we are about to put on the market, I usually take extra care to make a house feel like a home. One way to do this is by decorating using candles. It helps the home smell nice and can be that perfect little item to complete an arrangement.
As I am sure you have seen on our Instagram and Facebook page, we are doing a giveaway with a Raleigh small business – Oak City Candles. I asked her to tell us a little about her products:
We hand-craft natural, soy, wax candles right here in Raleigh, North Carolina. Family owned and operated since 2010, we are graciously named a preferred vendor in Southern Bride & Groom Magazine 2016. We care about our earth and its inhabitants, so we use high quality, all natural, and chemical free ingredients. We do not opt for cheap or mediocre fragrances. All of our fragrance oils and essential oils are certified phthylate free. Hand~poured in small batches, we use the highest concentration of fragrance oils recommended per pound of wax. Using all natural wicks and colors with no toxins, allows these candles to be great products. We are commited to providing outstanding customer experience.
We hope you will give her product a try and support a small local business! Here is a link to their Etsy page!

Outsourcing isn’t so bad…

Outsourcing isn’t so bad…

So as some of you know, for quite some time we have been using our own furniture and knick-nacks to stage our houses, leaving our own home bare and sad looking. I will take most of the blame for this because:

  1. I think houses look better staged with non-grandma level furniture and decor.
  2. Our houses sell faster and for more because of it.
  3. I may have a slight control problem – I am usually picky about what goes in our houses.

But we have come to realize some things lately. We can’t do all the things ourselves. And sometimes outsourcing is good. It helps with productivity and efficiency. So that is what we did with The Holy Mouldings House. Outsourced.
We hired a local staging company I found on Instagram: Mint to Sell. The owners name is Aryn and she has a growing business. One thing I noticed about her is that she had great, simplistic taste. I must say, I was very pleased with the results. See for yourself!

Aryn staged the kitchen, living and breakfast area, along with the built-in bookshelves. She did a great job and was very professional. I highly recommend her to any house flipper or homeowner who is trying to sell for top dollar. Because of Aryn’s staging, we were under contract on this home in only 3 days!
Thanks Aryn!

Kitchen Design, Hardware, and Selections for the Overgrown Ranch

Gushing over Gold…. Read: Antique Brass

So I am over here, just brainstorming about what the kitchen of the #overgrownranch should look like. I am not too comfortable with the whole “gold is coming back” movement, but not quite as turned off to the idea of this antiqued brass business, especially if mixed with other metals. The key is to sprinkle a little throughout the main living/kitchen/dining space, without overwhelming it. Although I do believe in consistency with hardware finishes, I must admit there is an sort of artistic quality to tastefully mixing metals in a space. It makes it feel unique. After consulting Pinterest, sourcing materials, and checking for the best prices, here are some materials that you may see in the design of The Overgrown Ranch:

An antique brass pot filler:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.21.02 PM


Three glass pendants such as this, with elements of antique brass and black:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 9.54.39 PM


Or something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.31.24 PM


Grey cabinets for the island and white for the rest of the kitchen with a white/grey granite as seen here, by the DecorPad. I love how soft this is – not overly modern.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 9.56.44 PM

Photocred: Decor Pad

And here, by Decoholic. Although this look feels a bit more mid-century, I think the reason is because of the light fixture and the dark grey cabinets.


Photocreds: Decoholic

Antique bronze hardware will go on the island, and grey-ish black hardware on the white cabinets surrounding the island (think gunmetal). White farmhouse sink and antique bronze faucet, like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.34.30 PM

Photocreds: Remodelista

And something like this for the powder room:

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.05.48 PM

Photocreds: Country Living

We can’t wait to show off the finished product! Stay tuned!!… To see other houses we have done and are working on visit our houses tab. To learn more about what it may be like to partner with us on one of our flips, visit our Partner page, then reach out to us by contacting us here.

Until Next Time…