Dennis the Menace: Design

Goodness gracious this house came a long, long way! With the new structure in place, we now have a clean slate before us.

It’s time for all the pretty stuff: are you ready to make Dennis the Menace beautiful again?

Let’s Design the “Dennis the Menace” Flip

If you remember from the “in progress” post, despite an epic re-work of the layout, we’re still left with a small kitchen. The compromise was more less “formal” dining space for more cabinet storage.

Design on a Budget:

It’s especially imperative that every house flipper learn to work within limitations of the space as well as budget. Budget friendly design often means sacrificing one design selection for another more desirable, impactful focal point.

I developed this skill early on in our real estate journey, especially when living through our first flip. I learned to squeeze the best a space had to offer within my budget back then.

If I may be honest, not much has changed: there is still a budget. The difference now is a bigger scope. Our current challenge is creating replicable selections, while maintaining a slightly unique feel to that particular flip without complicating the job.

So, as with most budget-conscious renovations, we’ll start by taking a look at our space. What’s in front of us? What do we have to work with?

  • A small kitchen, that’s what. 
  • And a budget
  • No dining room
  • A focal point: the fireplace
this is the before shot of the fireplace at the dennis the menace flip, construction materials are all over the floor
Dennis the Menace Fireplace: before

Flip House Vision Board: Dennis the Menace

Fireplace inspo pic: Blesser House

For Dennis the Menace, we’re looking at:

How are we changing it up? 

  • The countertop selection – we ended up upgrading to quartz because the supplier had enough left over from another job. **Flip Tip – doesn’t hurt to ask your fabricator**
  • The kitchen island – Loving this island to double as dining!
  • Floating shelves – I don’t know if this will make it into the final product, but we’ve used these brackets by DIY Cartel several times – great quality and price.
  • A feature fireplace – I’m really feelin’ the vibes of a black fireplace lately!

Existing hardwoods run throughout the house, however due to the layout changes and some damaged areas, the scope & design includes splicing new boards where needed, refinishing with a dark stain, likely walnut or special walnut. I love that walnut takes that red hugh out of red oak hardwoods – such a classic.

But I’ve got to know – What are your favorite stain colors for red oak hardwoods?

Sneak peak after cabinet install @ the Dennis the Menace Flip House

Next up? We’ll explore some fireplace design options then – The Final Reveal!

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