The discovery story of LaRancharita is a lonely one. It was sitting there vacant, with a sign gracing its window: “For Sale”

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So beautiful. It just screams, “Buy me!!”, right? Wouldn’t you want this little treasure?

It’s a blessing and a curse, seeing potential in all-the-things. Because it turns out, we might of bitten off more than we could chew with this one. More on that later.

Uriah did what he does best and got in touch with the seller, who didn’t seem to like talking on the phone; any pause in conversation and the guy would abruptly hang up. He also was a used car salesman in a different life, or maybe this life? Nonetheless, he had trust issues.

A series of unfortunate events elongated his ability to close, but when he was ready, we were there and got it done. The seller was able to move on and we got right to work.

The Lovely “Before” 

Note the lovely driveway, and chimney that isn’t even attached to the house.

The kitchen was something to look at, with its faux and all. You can see to the left of the kichen picture that the room behind is the room with the exposed framing in the second picture. This is the dining room wall that separated the dining room from the “covered porch”

damaged hardwood floors buckled remodel flip raleigh before renovation living room and porch wall ranch

Oh, and the floors were a little wavy. Dang termites.

remodel flip raleigh before renovation laundry before ranch

Above is the laundry room / rear entry before.

Steller plumbing.

Buyers Remorse

A combination of poor grading and termite damage created a bit of buyers regret.

what does termine damage look like renovation house flip remodel Raleigh

About knee deep into the project, we realized we probably should have just torn the whole house down.

Want to know what we ended up doing? I’ll give you a sneak peak.

raise the roof construction framing how to renovation flip houses raleigh


Thankfully, this house has a redemptive story! What was broken is now whole.

Keep following along, because we’re sharing the whole story of what has been going on the past 9 months in a 6 part series!

LaRancharita, Part 2 is coming soon…

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