8 Favorite Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors Used by Professional House Flippers

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One of our most frequently asked questions is, “What paint color is that?!?” along with “What are your go-to colors for house flips?” It’s true – we’ve had plenty of opportunities to exercise our paint-picking ‘muscle’ as professional house flippers. However, we mostly learned from trial and error what we liked or didn’t like about each color. And as far as paint brands go, we’ve been all over the board, but today we bring you our favorite Sherwin-Williams paint colors.

favorite sherwin-williams paint colors

There are several challenges to picking the perfect paint color: from how it looks online to how it looks in person. (We talk more about that in this post.) But hopefully, this concise list will help you narrow down your search, especially if you are limited to SW paints.

Our Favorite Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

Best Grey Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

Tempered Grey 

Agreeable Grey probably takes the cake for the most popular Sherwin-Williams paint color, but we chose Tempered Grey as our standard interior flip and rental paint color. What we love about this color is the way it changes in different spaces with different light.

tempered grey sherwin williams paint color

It is the perfect warm grey that still looks great with wood tones (ie: if you are keeping existing wood cabinets), making it the perfect color to standardize.

We learned early on to use the same interior wall color for all standard flips and rental properties, mainly for ease of communication to subcontractors and easy touch-ups during turns. 

tempered grey favorite sherwin williams paint colors

French Grey

This grey is a deep and true grey that looks amazing in a room with lots of light and white elements.

french grey sherwin williams paint color

Actually, we took this color and used it at 0.25 and 0.5 on the exterior of the Modern Split Flip!

french grey exterior sherwin williams paint color

Light French Grey 

This is French Grey’s compliment and little sister – we’ve used this on the interior of several flips earlier in our flipping career. But be warned: it can take on a purple hue. 

light french grey sherwin williams paint color

Best White Sherwin-Williams Paint ColorS

Alabaster White

Although we have yet to use this particular color on our projects, I have several friends who have Alabaster in their home. It is a beautiful warm white.

alabaster white sherwin williams paint color

Pure White

However, if you are into a less creamy but still warm white, you may consider Pure White, as seen in this post.

pure white sherwin williams paint color

Go-To Light Green / Blue SW Paint Color

Sea Salt

Sea Salt is a bluish-green color that is soft, happy, and incredibly calming. We stayed at a beach house a few years ago and this was their interior color. Immediately after getting back home from our trip, I selected it for the bathroom of a flip house we were working on at the time. It looked amazing with black and white tile. Sadly, back then I didn’t document quite as thoroughly, but Katie over at Let’s Stay Home has a great example in her bedroom

lets stay at home blog: sea salt sherwin williams paint color
Sea Salt Sherwin-Williams Paint Color. Photo Credit: Let’s Stay at Home Blog.

Favorite Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors for Accent WallS


This is a recent favorite of mine. GreenBlack is perfect for accent walls. 

greenblack sherwin williams accent wall

Be forewarned, though, if you color-match this color at a different store than Sherwin-Williams, it will likely come out Navy.


However, if you are going for Navy, Sherwin-Williams’ Naval paint color is a good choice. (Here is an example). It is comparable to Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore, shown below.

hale navy exterior paint color

There you have it, our favorite Sherwin-Williams paint colors. We would love to know what yours are and why you like them!

And if you want more painting tips, read this post with our insights on choosing interior paints for your home.

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