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Our initiation into real estate investing was: The Craigslist House. Then, somewhere between 2014-2015, we began to work with passive investors to flip single family homes in the Raleigh area. What started as a side gig steadily grew into a fully functioning real estate investing company, which includes rental property, new construction, land development and soon multifamily.

The Inspiring Investment continues to develop, expanding into other asset classes from single family homes, but our heart will always be in breathing life into broken things, creating beautiful spaces people want to call home and doing good work that matters.

We believe each house below reflects a redemptive story that is within each of us and hope you enjoy reading each house’s transformation and what we’ve learned along the way!

DIY Projects

This is by no means a DIY blog, but we’ve done a fair share of DIY projects in our renovation journey.

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A Tech Stack for Construction Management

Running a business is no small task. It is, however, achieved by many small tasks. “Add [xyz] to the workflow”. “Turn on utilities at [123 Main St]”. “Send feedback to [bob]”. “Prep the company newsletter”. Process development, communication, organization, marketing: the list of to-do’s never seem to end and paint points seem relentless when you’re…