Part 2, Our First Inspiring Intern: Meet Natalie

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“Well, I’ve actually been thinking about that. What if I were the first Inspiring Intern?”
I almost spilled my coffee on my lap, out of excitement!
And that is how I accidentally hired my first intern. Just like that.
Now, I know it won’t always happen that way – and it shouldn’t. There are certainly best hiring practices, as taught by one local business owner I follow: Nancy Ray. However, I truly feel that she was meant to be with us during this time. She is a special young lady.
It’s time to meet our first Inspiring Intern: Natalie. Take it away, girl.

Meet Natalie

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Well hello there!

My name is Natalie Baudonnet and I am absolutely thrilled to be the very first Inspiring Intern. It has been a funny journey getting here and I am so glad that I have arrived. Katie asked me to share a little bit about myself with you and I am happy to oblige.

I was born and raised in the central valley of California, originally the oldest between my sister and I until the sixth grade. That year my family adopted my two brothers from Ukraine making me the second oldest in my house. My family is one of the best families in the world: they love me unconditionally. My parents introduced me to Jesus at a young age and He has walked with me every step of my life. He took my wretched heart and gave me a new one, exchanging my sin for redemption and freedom. His act of love has completely transformed me and in response I have dedicated my life to whatever he calls me to.

What I’m Passionate About

Speaking of life calling, I am currently a junior at Colorado Christian University. I am majoring in Communications and minoring in Theology. After graduation I can’t quite tell you where I’ll be, but I am passionate about women’s health, human rights, and church ministry. One day I hope to get married and have a family of my own.

How I’m Involved

This year I am involved in a million things on my campus, including the following:

  • a discipleship group leader
  • the Students for Life Outreach Coordinator
  • a choir member
  • the University Programing Council Director of Traditions (which is a fancy way of saying that I get to plan and run the annual events on my campus)

Additionally, I …

  • work at Chick-fil-A
  • am a Chick-fil-A fellow
  • attend Church at Park Church in Denver
  • am a Wilberforce fellow

What I Do For Fun

When I do have time for fun I like to be with friends and family. It doesn’t really matter what we do but that we’re together. I enjoy traveling, singing, dancing, laughing, and eating – typically something with Nutella. 


The opportunities I have had the privilege to be a part of this year have completely improved my life skills. I have not seen so clearly until this year the importance of setting goals. It seems obvious but when forced to sit down and write them out I am convinced that everything we do revolves around the goals we have. If I am participating in something, spending money on something, or giving time to something that doesn’t help me meet my goals then what am I doing?! This year one goal for the Inspiring Investment is ORGANIZATION! We have found that organization is necessary to run a functional and successful business! What a surprise.

Why I’m Here at The Inspiring Investment

This brings me to why I am here, at the Inspiring Investment.  This year I have discovered an interest in marketing. Specifically, I am fascinated by the social media scene, but am not completely educated on how it works. To be honest with you Katie and Uriah are taking a risk by hiring me, but while we’re being frank I don’t think they’ll be disappointed in me either. I am drawn to Katie and Uriah because of their heart and their talent. Their work ethic, Christ centered approach, humility, generosity, integrity, and kindness which is like no other house flipping couple I’ve seen.  If their good character isn’t enough they are also fantastic at what they do. Signing up to work for Katie and Uriah is not only going to put me on a hard and fast learning curve, but in a company that has eternal impact. The beauty of the Dortch’s is not what they do but who they are.

If you can’t tell I’m a little star struck by them. #couplegoals #familygoals #iwanttobeyouwhenigrowup


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