The First Inspiring Intern, Part 1

Running your own business is wonderful and exciting, but it’s also exhausting. There are too many tasks and too little time. I spent many nights working late (and sometimes still do), overwhelmed. I knew I needed help, even if only temporarily. We decided it was time to hire our first intern.

I researched existing successful internship programs and best hiring practices then began the process of developing our own program, one that best fit the culture and goals of our company.

It was in the middle of this development process that the stars aligned and I found our first Inspiring Intern.

How I Hired Our First Intern By Accident

Before you get to know our first Inspiring Intern, I think you need to know a little of the background.

I hired her, but I did it by accident.

Let me just say that her internship here was, literally, God-ordained. (You can read a short description of how we originally came to know Natalie here.)

I met with Natalie in the airport a few weeks ago when I was visiting family in Denver (one of my new favorite places). I was in the process of preparing the intern position and told her all about it, along with our marketing needs. In the back of my head I kept saying, “If I could just pick her up and move her to Raleigh, I’d be all set”. You see, I was looking for a Natalie – but a Raleigh Natalie.

The characteristics I wanted in an intern were: bright, eager to excel, assertive, and humble. More than anything, I wanted someone to be able to see the heart behind what we do.

Although the thought crossed my mind to ask her to join our team, I hadn’t truly considered it because she wasn’t local and thought she may be too busy (she is active in multiple organizations at her school – seriously, the girl juggles like a million things – and does all of them well, I might add). But I knew, from the time I spent with her while she lived in North Carolina, that Natalie fit the bill.

We spoke on the phone a few weeks after the airport. As she inquired about the progress of finding an intern, I shared how things were going and voiced the thought that was in the back of my head earlier. Somewhat flippantly, I said, “I wish I could move you here …”

And that’s when she responded with … Don’t miss part 2!

Don’t mean to leave you hanging, but you’ll just have to wait for Part 2. Until next time!

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