Interior Design

Whether you recently bought a home, are building a new one, or simply want to re-work your current space, we can help. We would love to assist you with selections or furniture and styling of your space. Together, we’ll come up with a plan to make your vision come to life. We provide:

  • A Vision Board & Design Plan
  • Specs populated into Selection Sheets
  • A Renovation Checklist or Purchase List

Your home is an investment and something you should be proud of. Let us help you showcase it in it’s best light!

This service begins as a 1 hour consultation (see below) and will go from there based on your needs and budget. Design work billed at $100/hr after consult fee.

Renovation Work

Ready to make some changes in your home, but don’t want to do it yourself? We’ll manage everything from demo to install. To start the process, Book a Design & Renovation Consult below

We only take on a few client renovation projects per year. Consults do not guarantee a spot on our renovation schedule or an official quote for desired work. However, if we can’t fit you in, we can connect you with other reputable companies in our area.


Design & Renovation 
  • Need assistance with a design dilemma?
  • Do you need help problem-solving a layout in your renovation project?
  • Want to update your home but don’t know where to start?

During the consult we will spend 1 hour listening to your goals and needs, discuss your budget, and give verbal design and/or renovation direction and answer all questions. Where applicable, we can provide guidance through common steps in the renovation process, types of trades that would be used on your particular job and a general price you can expect to pay.  Unfortunately, we do not share specific subcontractors contact information.

  • One hour, In-Person Renovation or Design Dilemma Consultations are $250 (subject to change based on location)
  • One hour, Virtual Renovation or Design Consultations are $175 via zoom.
House Flipping & Property Evaluations
  • Are you wanting to learn about flipping houses?
  • Do you have a house you want to evaluate to flip?

We will spend an hour via Zoom or in-person, if you are local, to assist you in a specific property evaluation for purchase, advise on the scope of renovation work, or answer general house flipping questions.

  • One hour, In-Person Real Estate Investment are $500 (subject to change based on location)
  • One hour, Virtual Real Estate Investment Consultations are $300 via Zoom.
How to book a consult:
  • Fill out the Contact Form below, indicating the type of consult
  • Check your email for link to a questionnaire
  • Schedule your consult
  • Make payment via Paypal to confirm scheduled time slot.