How to Design a Pre-teen Girl’s Bedroom You’ll Both Love.

Does the thought of giving your pre-teen a bedroom makeover send chills down your spine? Maybe somewhere between the tacky choices, ever-changing interests, and probable arguments that go along with it ….

You. Are. Not. Alone.

Not long ago, on Instagram, I shared that I’ve been working on a little project, aside from our typical house flips. 

… and I employed two new design assistants to help me. 


I’m giving my girls bedroom makeover! 

Today, I’m sharing 5 tips to show you how you CAN design a space for your kids that you will LOVE and your kids will WANT to live in: one you won’t have to re-do they second they’re off to college.

That is, of course, unless you want to.

5 Tips and Tricks to Give your Pre-Teens a Bedroom Makeover You Both Will Love 

  • Set Boundaries Upfront

From the beginning, set the boundaries you feel comfortable with. If you aren’t going to be okay with painting the ceiling, say it. If you would prefer a neutral palate on the walls rather than the bedding, explain that and the reason why. It wouldn’t hurt to use this time to discuss the fact that although it’s important to you that they love their room, you get final say and may not approve of ALL their design choices. As the parent, you are funding the deal, so you need to love it, too. Think of yourself as their guide.

*** Don’t wait until hearing their ideas to set boundaries. If you tell them what you don’t want after they tell you what they do, they may feel a bit of rejection. It’s better to know the rules upfront.

  • Listen to their Input

Your kids aren’t typically going to love a space they have *no say* in, so listen to them! Ask them questions like, what’s important to you to have in your space? Have you thought about how you would like to use your room? For example, both of my girls (they share a room) requested a desk and book storage. 

  • Make it Educational

This can actually become a wonderful way to teach your kids about design elements, pick up new inspiration, and learn what goes well together, what doesn’t and why. You could pick up some books at the library and scour Pinterest together – #bondingtime

  • Create a Vision Board

Personally, I’m a big fan of vision boards for any project. The girls and I had a great time putting this one together for their bedroom makeover. 

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You can see more details of their soon-to-be new space, complete with links and sources – coming soon! 

  • Involve them in Implementation

When possible, bring your child into the loop, and let them get involved in ordering that bedding or give them options between two different things like headboards, light fixtures, or even wallpaper.

If there is a DIY portion to your plan, let them help out! Our girls’ bedroom makeover involved a ship-lap accent wall (we followed the plank wall tutorial from my friend Brittany’s over at Pretty Handy Girl) and they LOVED sanding, nailing, and prepping the wood for install. More on that *coming soon*.

(ps. If storage is at a hot comodity in your house and you’d like to add more in your pre-teen’s bedroom makeover, check out this DIY pipe closet post)

This is the first in our girls bedroom makeover series and also the first home improvement project we’re taking on in our new house! Next, will come more details with the design plan and products I have my eye on.

Until next time …


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