How to Style Shelves Like a Pro

If you are anything like me, you want your house to be presentable, well-decorated, and inviting.

Instagram does a great job of setting the standard high. Perhaps, too high? ?…. maybe, but instead of allowing that to make us feel down and out, let’s look at some small changes you can make to showcase your biggest investment – your home! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that you can make a few “Instagram worthy” spaces too!

This will be the first post in a series of “How to” posts in the style and design department.

Tips and Tricks: #Shelfie Worthy Shelves

A few things I notice when looking for #shelfie inspiration

  • Less is more.

It shouldn’t feel cluttered. You don’t need to display every single trinket you own.  Less is more. What do you want to look at on the daily?

styled shelves how to white space breathing room

from The Design Chaser

Also, include books. I know, I know, weird right? Books on a bookshelf?? I read somewhere to start the styling with books, add larger accessories, then add in the small knick – knacks.

  • Balance and White Space

Make it a good mix of artwork, books, greenery, and white space. In design, white space is almost as important as the design itself … it’s like breathing room. One trick to getting that white/neutral balance is to flip the books so the pages side shows rather than the binding.

floating styled style shelves shiplap how to barnwood

from The Modest Farmhouse

I’ve learned over the past few years that plants add a lot to a space – I don’t know whether it’s texture or the color, or the way leaves seem to float and add movement.

I also learned to use fake plants because, you know, brown thumb.

  • Scale

It’s best to follow the rule of triangles: place items of similar scale in a triangle pattern, as seen here:

triangle pattern styling shelves how to shelfie

found here

  • Better Together

It is commonly known in the world of design that items grouped in odd numbers are more visually appealing: groups of 1, 3, and 5 are best. This girl’s got it down:

styled styling shelves

from Love Grows Wild

The greatest thing about styling shelves rather than decorating with larger, more expensive items is that it can easily be changed with each season or your current mood! It’s certainly nothing to fret over. It’s expression of you.

Be your own kind of beautiful today, inspiring people! 

Hope these tips and tricks are helpful and you make your mark in your home.

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