La Rancharita Flip: Inspiration for House Design Plan

We’ve shared about how we discovered LaRancharita and the house repairs we decided on for this flip in order to create a more open floorplan. And soon we’ll be sharing the big reveal! But, before that, I wanted to give some insights into my inspiration for the house design plan …

larancharita house design ideas

Behind the Design: La Rancharita

One of the first steps I take when approaching the design for a house flip, such as La Rancharita, is the house itself. I try to visualize who will live there: a young professional, a family, college students?

Does the location support current design trends or is it more traditional?
How can I make it look unique?
How will it stand out?

Then I turn to the trusted *Pinterest* and start pinning. I create a board with the name of the project and begin to brainstorm and visualize how different selections may look together. (Stick around to see the Pinterest Inspiration Board near the end of this post.)

La Rancharita will most likely be a rental and, due to its location, I see young professionals living in this space. Additionally, the budget for this project is T-I-G-H-T. So low cost, durable materials will be used. We will incorporate some DIY projects and repurposed materials to achieve our goals as well.

LaRancharita Exterior Before & After

larancharita before

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larancharita after

What we did for this house flip exterior design plan:

  • Changed roof lines
  • Added front porch
  • Bricked up front windows
  • Moved entrance to the center of the house

House Design Plan Elements Found on Pinterest!

Here is the Inspiration Picture for the front elevation, found on Pinterest:

house design plan inspiration front elevation

(Was this your photo? Glad to tag if it’s yours!)

This was just the start of our inspiration though! Much more was used inside this home.

LaRancharita Interior Inspiration

Now that you’ve seen the outside, let’s take a look at the plan inside. I liked the idea of incorporating concrete elements to the design, such as this light by Tudo & Co.:

house design plan inspiration cement lights

Mixed with wood, like this idea (found here, an Etsy shop.):

open shelving house design plan inspiration

And last but not least, an idea for the master ensuite at LaRancharita: loving this image from Vintage Industrial Style.

The before interior of this flip looked like this:

These pictures do look a bit rough to the average person, but rest assured, we are well on our way to seeing the pretty stuff. Picture this …

  • A distressed wood around that center beam
  • The vent hood extending to the top of the vaulted ceiling in the kitchen
  • Floating shelves on either side of the hood
  • Stained hardwood floors
  • Versatile Open Concept Main Living Space

Inspiration Board for LaRancharita

larancharite design plan inspiration board

I want to know what you think! Is there anything you would add? Perhaps a feature wall at the entry? Leave a comment or connect with us on Instagram and Subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter!

Next, take a walk through LaRancharita … (Coming Soon!)

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