Part 2: Project Plan

In part 1, you saw first hand what it looks like to have buyer’s regret. But don’t worry. There’s a repair plan. 

house flip raleigh before renovation my home ranch brick before after

raleigh house flip renovation project plan planning framing open concept

All The Walls

As you all know, there’s nothing we love more than demo day, especially when it involves removing walls. It’s ALMOST like instant gratification. Almost.

Right away, we knew the design plan for LaRancharita would require removing at least one of the walls separating the kitchen and dining room.

Kitchen before larancharita house flip raleigh ranch how to renovate a house inspiring investment we buy houses as is

But, even then, it seemed so small. The original house was 1330 square ft. If you remember from the pictures, there was a side porch that was also the main entry of the house and had been enclosed by the previous owners, but it was no bueno: the uneven flooring, and general janky-ness of the space left it basically useless.

porch increase square footage home raleigh renovation house flip add value to home

BUT, what did we see? That’s right. Potential.

Potential that would eventually add about 125 square feet of useable space to the house. Opening up the wall and expanding into the porch provided room to add a second bathroom to this little 3/1 ranch.

Before & After

Here was the floor plan before:

ranch house flip raleigh renovation layout before kitchen renovated home inspiring investment


The Plan for “After”:

Larancharita house flip inspiring investment raleigh new floor plan whole home renovation ranch
Granted, these drawings are not to scale in any way, but you get the idea. See that pink addition on the front of the house? Yea, we’ll get to that.

Want a sneak peak at what the living room looks like with walls removed?



If you missed the first post, you will want to go and see that. Next we’re walking you through the rebuilding process of LaRancharita and showing you some major changes that took place outside.

Interested in the design plan for this flip? Check it out. 

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