The Inspiring Investment Media Kit

I’m Katelynn – the home renovating, house flipping, design-inclined content creator behind The Inspiring Investment Blog – and this is our Media Kit!

Over the last 10 years my husband, Uriah, and I have grown a thriving real estate investing business where we’ve flipped over 75 houses in the Raleigh area, own several rental properties and dabbled in Airbnb. 

Our first “flip” was actually our first personal home – The Craigslist House. You could say we got into whole house flipping thing by accident. Each subsequent house we’ve lived in has required some amount of work. It seems we simply can’t turn away a good fixer-upper.

On our blog, we share room makeovers, whole home reno’s, design & styling tips, how-to’s simple updates and more for our flips and personal home! Our audience loves following along in a project’s progress. 

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The Inspiring Investment

[based out of Raleigh, NC]

The Inspiring Investment brand is one founded on principles of excellence and integrity. We are a brand that believes every house has a story and use quality materials along side thoughtful design to create spaces you would want to call home. 

Using the art of storytelling and transparency to connect with our audience, we work hard to create content that inspires, entertains, and informs using:

  • before and after photos
  • project progress pictures: during demo, installs and finished styled spaces
  • creative lifestyle images of family and home

We are ways willing to negotiate a project that fits your needs.

Media Kit Services

Three IG Stories

Three IG Stories to promote your product

One Sponsored Instagram Post 

You will receive one exclusive promotional image on Instagram. You’ll be tagged in the image & the caption.

One Instagram Post with Stories

You will receive one promotional image and caption on Instagram. With 3 IG stories. You will be tagged in the image and in the caption. Plus ,you will get rights to the high res image. 

One Instagram Story and Blog Post

The blog post will feature 3-5 high quality images of the product in a styled or construction / install setting. This includes 3 social shares: 1 IG post, 2 Insta stories, 1 Facebook post, & 1 Pin. Plus you will get rights to one high res image. 

We can help you reach our audience using our unique voice – and love working with brands that are in line with our vision. Together, we can do great things.  

I’d love to chat about how I could help your brand reach its goals! Have another idea? I am always willing to negotiate a project that fits your needs.






Age: 25-34



United States

Let’s Chat!

Looking for something different? I’m all ears: from project sponsorship to exclusivity to a monthly post, let’s work together to form a meaningful partnership. Contact Katelynn for other ways to work together!

katelynn {at} the inspiring investment . com