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Meet Hannah: Our Newest Inspiring Intern

Today, we are simply elated to introduce to you our next Inspiring Intern: Hannah!

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The first time I interviewed Hannah, I knew something was just special about her. You guys she is incredibly authentic and has sweetest spirit about her; it’s simply contagious. We are grateful to have her as a part of our team for the summer!

I conducted a little interview of sorts in an effort to help you get to know her a bit more:  

Meet Our Inspiring Intern: Hannah!

  • Hannah, tell us about yourself!

Well, I think the most important thing to know about me is that I love Jesus a whole lot 🙂 I am a sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill, studying to be a Business Major with a concentration in Marketing. On campus I am very involved in ministry; I lead YoungLife at Trinity middle school of Durham, so during the year you could regularly find me hanging out and laughing way too hard with middle school girls.

  • What role will you be playing at the Inspiring Investment?

I am following in Natalie’s footsteps, working alongside Katie running social media accounts, assisting in collaboration efforts, and occasionally writing content for their blog.

Katelynn and Uriah chose to have an intern to take the opportunity to teach someone like me about what it means to run a business, market that business well, and authentically portray the values they hold dear to their company and family. As the next Inspiring Intern, I get to learn from faithful followers of Jesus who use the tools given to them to love people well, using social media and their blog to inspire, encourage, and inform people through real estate!

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  • What makes you interested in the Inspiring Investment?

When God created man, He created us to be like Him. Because we were made in the Image of God, it is in our nature to be attracted to things that are like us. That means that we are naturally drawn toward the Jesus in people, regardless of if we realize it. I was interested in the Inspiring Investment because it boldly and proudly models the redemptive process of being made new through belief in Jesus by taking houses that are often in bad condition and making them better, redeeming them as Jesus redeems us. So naturally, I was drawn towards Katie and Uriah because they use their company to be like He who created them.

  • Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration in people. In the words that you write, in the art that you make, in the songs that you sing, in the houses that you flip… people inspire me to be better and to love more. My friends from college are a huge part of that. I have been placed in a community at UNC that makes it a priority to include everyone and be genuine always, to walk in kindness and goodness. The people that I have surrounded myself with at school inspire me daily, as do my parents who both work hard to provide for our family.

  • What are some of your long term goals?

To be completely honest, I am so bad at planning ahead. I find myself daydreaming more often than I should be and those daydreams are often filled with images of me traveling or getting married, having kids or adopting a little boy… I think so much about different parts of my future life that I have a lot of “imagination plans” but ultimately, I am comforted by the fact that my plans for myself will be forever dull in comparison to my God’s plans for me. So my long term goal, the one that I am always sure of and will always plan ahead for, is that I am walking towards God in all that I do. If that means graduating from UNC’s Business school and getting a great job doing something that I enjoy then fantastic! If that means doing something that I have never imagined before in one of my many daydreams, then great! The idea of being in the hands of someone much smarter and stronger than me comforts me beyond belief because the pressure of having definite long term goals is lifted from my shoulders.

Now for a Fast round!!

  • Favorite coffee drink?

Cold brew iced coffee, black (so rich and full of flavor, would definitely recommend!)

  • Favorite way to escape or fun activity?

Reading or writing to escape from anyone, playing volleyball with my friends to escape from school

  • Favorite TV show?

Quantico on abc

  • Favorite nail polish?

Mint candy apple by essie

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