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You want a space that is clean, modern, yet comfortable and unique. You aren’t in a place to build a house from scratch nor bent on the idea of hiring an “expert”.

Maybe you are flipping a house or about to renovate yours and want to know where to prioritize your $$$.

In any case, you want to make a mark of your own; to create a space that feels like this:

I’m here for you friend.

Don’t you love unique spaces that feel styled without trying too hard, where all the furniture isn’t just one look, yet it works?! What if I told you that, along with your furniture choices, mixing metals with fixtures is a way you can accomplish this feeling?

The Secret Is In The Lighting

Whether you are going for modern, bohemian, mid-century, or traditional …

Lighting has to be THE BEST part about interiors. Perhaps because of the power they hold. (See what I did there?)

The right light fixtures can take your home from builder-grade basic to jaw dropping. They can either blend into their surrounding or leave your friends drooling.

Today’s post is sponsored by Modern Brass – who happens to be one of my favorite lighting companies.

At our recent Flip Project in Cary, coined the #redneckpoolhouse, we mixed metals with gunmetal knobs on the cabinet doors, matte black door hardware, and antique brass and fixtures in the main living space. It all worked together cohesively to make a powerful statement.

So, you better believe I was over-the moon when Modern Brass reached out to me for this collaboration, because I’m in love with their brand, not to mention ALL their products. I feel like I’m spilling one of my best kept secret resources, today!


When opening this beautiful fixture I noticed the quality of the product. And the design? Seriously, it’s like art.

When paired in a well-balanced space, it’s crazy how the right light simply transforms a room!!

(Which, by the way, is an agrument for why you should focus a healthy portion of your design budget in the lighting department.)

But, do you wanna know the best part about it? You only need a few fixtures to accomplish the feeling you want, so in the scheme of things, totally worth the investment.

My suggestion is to splurge on a few choice light fixtures to get the most bang for your buck:

  • The Entry
  • The Kitchen
  • Dining Room

The Install: Modern Brass Beauty

We chose to install this beauty right in the entry, because it’s the first thing people see!

It’s a good thing I have this hot handyman around to install … Because the boys and I were basically useless.


The fixture came with all the parts you see here, so you have two options for height. This particular house had 8 ft. ceilings, so we opted for the shorter rod.



The edison bulbs, the brass, the clean lines! So, so yummy.

… and just look at this Before and After!


Images by Smith Hardy Photography

But Lights are Expensive! Worth it?

Coming from a real estate investor, yes! If you bought your house at the right price and aren’t over improving for the neighborhood, I think you will. Simple updates like switching out fixtures are one of the easiest chages you can make, and when done in combination with other home updates, will increase demand! If you are renting, you can always take your fixture with you at the end of your lease.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: light fixtures are like art, you shouldn’t skimp on them. They are certainly worth the investment.

Psst… If this style of light is right up your alley, be sure to follow us on Instagram and watch for a giveway with this light fixture:

…from the VERY generous Modern Brass! The giveaway item is similiar to the product above, except the lights point down, which I personally like better!

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