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The Inspiring Investment is happy to announce that we have a new project underway! Located in the very desirable area of North Raleigh in the Leesville school district. This 2300ish square foot home was purchased at auction with one of our partners. (Want to become a private lender? Partner with us) Thankfully it is in good condition and just requires some updating. The plan is to update this house with:

  1. flooring
  2. paint
  3. hardware
  4. landscaping
  5. a complete kitchen overhaul
  6. adding permitted square footage in the basement.. like we did in our first “flip” (except it wasn’t permitted)
  7. HVAC and back deck repair
  8. increasing curb appeal

Bad Landscaping Stones Flip North Raleigh
Whether in a flip or your own home, it is important to maximize your budget by workin’ what you’ve got. For example, all the bathrooms in this house have granite, which is nice, but the cabinets underneath are builder-grade and *blah*. I can’t replace the cabinets without the risk of damaging the granite. BUT by keeping the existing cabinets, updating it with paint and adding hardware we will get the updated look for a lower cost which should drastically change the look of the bathrooms… I think we will also frame out the mirrors in the bathrooms to make a cohesive look.
`granite bathroom update in our flip in Raleigh
And then there’s this…

Flip in Raleigh Kitchen Renovation

This is the view from the kitchen looking towards the dining room. We kinda want to pull a Joanna Gaines and “take out that wall”. Either way, we are going to continue the hardwood floors into the dining room and re-finish them throughout.

Katie: thinks it’s an excellent way to create that open layout feel. But I’m not quite sure about how I feel about how much to open it… should we leave a little bit of wall on either side of the opening to define the space or take it out completely?

Uriah: worries that the spaces will not be well-defined… that while in the kitchen, you will be looking at a breakfast table and then a big table beyond that = too many tables.

I’m curious – What do you think? Leave a comment below…

PS. We named this one The Fruity Pebbles House

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