One Room Challenge, Week 1: A Master Bedroom Makeover

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Uriah and I are beyond excited to be participating in the One room challenge this year! If you remember from our IG Stories, we considered several different spaces for a transformation:

  • The Entry
  • The Living Room 
  • The Master Bedroom / Sitting Room

A poll of our audience revealed a close tie between the living room and master! 

Well, friends, we can’t hold it in any longer. The winning space is – Our Master Bedroom!! Take a video tour! 

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Our Master Bedroom, Before

Let me show you some images of our master bedroom, before the One Room Challenge. It is a main floor bedroom right off the living room.

a view from our master bedroom before the one room challenge makeover
as you can see, we have a rather large and chunky bed
our master bedroom furniture is mis-matched and feels heavy
two mis-matched side tables
we have a desk in our master located at the end of our bed  where we work which is a pretty blue color and has curved legs
… and a pretty blue desk where we take turns working

There was also another dresser in the corner of the room, not in this view here (I already rehomed it to our closet.)

Let’s Talk About The Sitting Room 

This area seemed completely unnecessary when we first walked through the house, but now we can’t see living without it. It’s where we snuggle in night to watch a movie or sip on our coffee as we greet the day.

there is also a sitting room off our bedroom which had hideous curtains and gawdy sconces on the wall
Notice the two randomly placed sconces: don’t worry. I have plans for them…. and can we talk about those curtains??

Our master bedroom also needs to provide alternate workspaces. This sitting room is how we will achieve a multifunctional space that functions both as a center for productivity and resting place at the end of the day.

Why We Chose Our Master for the ORC

Uriah and I work from home most of the time, as you can see from the desk at the end of our bed. You may also know from current or recent experience it is HARD. Our room often doubles as a storage closet for extra decor, where “projects-in-progress” live and contains a general mishmash of pieces that were either inherited or purchased without a plan. Functionally, there is no division of work and home, yet it seems to be simply what it is for now. Needless to say, our bedroom is not the oasis we think it could be. That is why we chose this space for the One Room Challenge!

What We Envision for the ORC: Master Bedroom Edition 

The vision for the master bedroom stems from an experience we had while staying at an Airbnb in Paris, celebrating our ten year anniversary.

this is a room in an airbnb we stayed at in paris. i love the white linen bedding and curtains, white walls and large windows

Tall ceilings, white walls, light wood elements and plentiful windows held us captive and we can’t forget it.

The bones of our bedroom mimic many of the details found in that Parisian flat. If you scroll back up to our room, you may notice the super tall base moulding (in Europe, they call it “skirting” and I’m here for it.) What you may not notice are the four windows and ceilings that are 10.5 feet tall!

This epically romantic, european getaway became the foundation of our bedroom design and we can’t think of a better place to draw inspiration from. I will add that I tend to be drawn to more clean-lined modern features these days so you can expect to see a few moody elements incorporated.

this is the dining room of an Airbnb we stayed at in paris. this airbnb is where we are taking alot of inspiration from for our master bedroom makeover with the one room challenge

The Master Bedroom Design

The design will include the following elements with me: 

  • monochromatic walls with additional wall trim boxing
  • bamboo blinds
  • light and airy curtains
  • clean, modern side tables
  • meaningful artwork
  • a multifunctional sitting room

*you may even see a dark and moody feature wall in the mix!

Participation in the ORC is certainly a first over here, especially amidst a pandemic. But it is also providing a distraction for us and hopefully it will for you too. I’m sure there will be ups and downs, snaggs along the way, but hang in there with us because we will take you through the entire process from start to finish. 

prepping for paint for the one room challenge - our master bedroom

Next week, in ORC Week 2 we will dig deeper into the design plan and share progress of the room.

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