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ORC Week 2: Master Bedroom, The Design

Week one of the One Room Challenge was the room reveal and general plans, but week two’s update is all about design!

 | Week 1 | – video walk-through “before” and why we chose our Master

| Week 2 | – The Design (this post)

week two of the one room challenge we talk about design plans with our master bedroom

The ORC Master Bedroom Design

If you remember, we already shared some of what we envision in the space

  • monochromatic walls with additional wall trim boxing
  • wood-toned blinds (or roman shades)
  • light and airy curtains
  • clean, modern side tables
  • meaningful artwork
  • a multifunctional sitting room
inspiration image from an airbnb in paris

These elements stem from a many experiences we took away from a trip to Paris and incorporate some other things we love: books, our small collection of art, using a mix of woods and dark tones and clean-lined design that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

What Stays and What Will go in our Master Bedroom

Before we dig too much more into our plans for this room, we need to share what stays and what goes.

What Stays

Due to budget, the loveseat may need to stay somewhere in the room. But the most important piece of furniture that will stay is our bed! It’s a non-negotiable; and there’s a good reason, too. 

this bed will stay in the final design because it is special we actually made it together when we were in college

Uriah and I met at Appalachian State University while I was working on prerequisites for nursing school and he pursued a career in industrial design. In his woodworking class, junior year, the students were assigned a final project where they had to design and create a product – a project of their choice. He chose a king size bed. Did he have a king size bed at the time? Nope. But in typical Uriah fashion: forward thinking, and 100% practical, that was his choice.

Some of the sweetest dates in college included planning out, cutting the boards and hand sanding the pieces of this bed together. So, friends, as you can see: it must stay. 

What Goes

Basically everything else goes: side tables, dressers, blinds, linens, and those hideous curtains in the sitting room.

Our Master Bedroom Mood Board!

Next comes our mood board! (I actually made two). This will serve as a sort of guide in this One Room Challenge.

one room challenge master bedroom mood board for the design post of the ORC
Restoration Hardware Vibes

The design includes blacks and whites, greys, softened by wood tones, water color art, and neutral textiles. Clean-lined black metal night stands modern black sconces will contrast the chunky bed frame.

What we have our eye on

We will bring texture into the room with linen curtains and bedding, then add in wood-toned blinds that incorporate the hues of the bed.

Fixtures and finishes

We are thinking about these items to complete the sitting room design:

The bedroom Walls: Monochromatic

Inspired by french architecture and the beautiful designs we witnessed in Paris, one of the elements repeated in multiple places were tall ceilings, intricate trim details and beautiful monochromatic walls. The Restoration Hardware vibe was strong, for sure.

we love this room by Turbulences-Deco
or this room by Meredith Heron Designs

Check out our Pinterest board for this One Room Challenge!

In our room, for the most part, we will be applying this concept in white.

**This type of wall trim can easily feel excessively formal, we’ll tread lightly and have no problem cutting the whole idea from the design if needed. We are going for a light, airy, romantic space that doesn’t feel formal or uptight.

White walls are, in general, one of those things that everyone tells you not to do when you have kids. It’s impractical, so they say. But it’s also one of those things I’ve always wanted, so we are going for it. If it ends up being a poor choice, I can live with that.

the sitting room feature wall:

White isn’t the only color you will see in this room, though! You’ll also see a contrasting dark moody color on a feature wall of the sitting room. We’re thinking board and batten: more on that Week 3 and 4.

Here is my rough sketch of how I see this feature wall

It includes:

  • dark board and batten using this color or this color
  • a floating shelf “desk” with chair
  • TV mounted to eye level
  • floating shelves for books
  • a wall sconce for lighting over the built-in desk

Uriah is in the “no TV’s in the bedroom” camp, but I’m all for it. We compromised by putting one in the sitting room. I’ve heard that TV’s are best viewed from eye level, and I quite agree. The mount was there when we moved in, so we just lived with it, but it will need to move according to my plans.

The existing sconce was located in the strangest place – not a fan.

But the layout above calls for a more functional location above the floating desk and a bit closer to where someone would sit. 

The Latest ORC Update: We Painted!

If you are following along on Instagram, you already know this, but we painted!!

it’s a clean slate!
one room challenge logo doing a master bedroom makeover

Next week is week 3 of the ORC and all about paint: tips, finishes, and the specific colors we chose for this room! You’ll also hear about the communication error that may have resulted in a little tiff between Uriah and I.

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