So Many Choices!

If the thought of walking into Lowes or Home Depot‘s paint department makes you want to curl up in the fetal position and put a blanket over your head, you are not alone. Picking out the perfect paint color for a space can be stressful, I mean – so many paint swabs!! How is one to make the right choice?!? Not only that, there are so many brands and finishes!

Eggshell. Flat. Semi-gloss. Latex. Oil-based.

Then you have to think about lighting, the particular shade of the color you want, and complimenting colors. Since the purchase of our first “flip”, almost 8 years ago, I have had a lot of opportunites to stress over paint. I am going to share a few painting tips – somethings I have learned – and some of the colors we love and have used in our flips.

Favorite Colors

  1. Perfect Taupe by Behr – This color is the perfect combination of grey and tan. Most of the interior of my house is some form of this color…
    owners of inspiring investment's living room perfect taupe and bleached linen

    My Living Room

  2. Sea Port by Valspar Signature – Nautical looking blue that hugs the grey side of things. This is the color I have in my dining room.
    dining room color sea port blue

    My Dining Room

  3. La Paloma by Benjamin Moore – This true grey color is what I used to paint the lower set of cabinets in my kitchen.. which is still a work in progress…
    white and grey cabinets black hardware kitchen

    My Kitchen

  4. French Gray by Sherwin Williams – We used this modern gray color in the master bedroom and master bathroom of the House on Drewy Hill. It looks best with crisp white trim and lots of windows.
    Master Bedroom

    Master Bedrm of a flip in Raleigh – The House on Drewy Hill

  5. Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams – This was the complimenting color of French Gray. I loved this color. It was also used in the House on Drewy Hill for all the other main living areas. I can thank my good friend Hannah Smith for this gorgeous color choice. Hannah owns and runs a design business in Raleigh called Hannah Smith Design. We hired her for the Drewy House project to help us with selections… because it was a massive project. She did a fabulous job. Read more about that project here.
    Downstairs Living Room

    Downstairs Living of our flip in Raleigh

  6. Bleached Linen by Behr- As a trim color, Bleached Linen compliments Perfect Taupe very well. It’s a soft off-white that is not too yellow.
    Living room paint Cary

    Our Fireplace painted in Bleached Linen in our Living room

  7. Whythe Blue by Benjamin Moore – This is a similar color to the one I chose for my front door and I am in love with it! It complements dark hardware so well.
    Wythe Blue front door

    Our Front Door

Painting Tips

  1. Olympic One interior paint is the best brand to cover dark colors.
  2. A flat finish paint will minimize drywall imperfections. An eggshell finish is also completely appropriate.
  3. Ceilings should almost always be painted in a flat finish.
  4. Semi-gloss finish goes best on trim.
  5. Bathrooms should not be painted in a flat finish paint. If your drywall looks good, do a semi-gloss. If its not the best, do an eggshell finish.
  6. Latex paint is the way to go for painting interior walls. Oil-based paints are best used on items that will take more wear and tear – like wood furniture.
  7. A consistent color on your walls makes for a more cohesive look throughout your home.
  8. Be sparing with darker shades of color – use them as accents. (see my living room as an example)
  9. Use different shades of the same neutral color throughout your home – A little trick my mom taught me

** For example: I used Perfect Taupe above the chair rail in my living room. I went to Lowes and asked them for another can of Perfect Taupe at 50% and painted all the bedrooms in that color. Then I did this again, but asked them to only put 25% of Perfect Taupe in it and painted all the hallways with it.
Hope this helps as you choose a paint color for your space.
Until Next Time…