The Outdated Cary Colonial

The Outdated Cary Colonial

Tear Down That Wall!

Both of them. This colonial with a traditional 4 over 4 layout and all the walls came to us as an MLS deal: a rare occurance in the flipping buisness during the height of a market, and was actually referred to us by a fellow real estate investor. The house needed a good amount of work and was not a small undertaking, but we stood ready to take it on, mainly to say, “Tear down that wall”! (Can you tell demo day is our favorite?)

The agent was having trouble selling her client’s house to buyers who required bank approved financing, due to it’s condition. Visual appeal was also a factor.

Overgrown ranch exterior before renovation and porch addition curb appeal

Thankfully, the seller accepted our offer, which was a fair one considering the amount of work required and time saved, though closing on her schedule and creating a smooth, easy transaction also proved valuable: a win – win.

The house must have been drafty because there was spray foam – everywhere. Not spray foam that you would find behind the walls of a finished attic, but the kind from the can, slightly resembling bubblegum. There was so much spray foam, in fact, that it almost became it’s namesake. Instead we went with:

The Outdated Cary Colonial

Feast your eyes on the before and afters of our Cary colonial flip:

Cary Colonial: The Entry

outdated cary colonial house flip flipping houses

Entry Before


entry after renovation cary stair treads staircase house flip flipping houses

Entry After

New flooring, paint, light fixtures, stair treads, molding … wait what was left? Basically just subfloor.

Cary Colonial: Dining

While standing in the entry, the original dining room was on the left.

Dining Room before cary colonial

The Former Dining


Office Home Flip flipping houses raleigh the inspiring investment

Became the Office

Cary Colonial: Living / Dining

The den was to the right side of the staircase and it was a sad, lonely little room which had no other exit.

See that wall behind the couch?

cary house flip remove a wall install a beam open layout supporting engineer

The wall had to go.


… so we opened it to the living room.

outdated cary colonial house flip living room before

Living Room Before


view from kitchen cary colonial after renovation

Living room after, open to new dining room


cary colonial flip house dining

Dining Room

Cary Colonial: Kitchen

This kitchen is dated no more!

outdated cary flip house before renovation kitchen

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Kitchen After – View of Garage Entrance and Peak of Office

Kitchen Other Direction Before

And After

Cary Colonial: Powder Room

Powder Room Before

powder room after cary house flip

Powder Room After

Cary Colonial: Upstairs

The biggest changes upstairs were the master bathroom and playroom.

Outdated Cary Flip House master bathroom before renovation

Master Bathroom Before. Check out the countertops.


master bathroom after house flip flipping houses inspiring investment

Master Bathroom After: Yes that is an Ikea vanity

Outdated cary colonial playroom before flipping flip house cary

Bonus Room / Playroom Before

cary flip house colonial bonus room after

Bonus Room / Playroom After

The Outdated Cary Colonial was a long and exhausting project, but worth every moment. Outside, we landscaped, built a new deck and added a front porch to create dimension.

So, overall, what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Sellers: ***Did you know we can do this to your house? We buy houses in and around Raleigh, AS-IS! Do you own a house that needs work? Let’s start the conversation. 

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