The Overgrown Ranch Project

The Overgrown Ranch Project

This project came to us by word of mouth. I (Katelynn) actually babysat the owner’s daughter’s children in highschool. A mutual friend and realtor suggested we reconnect about the house they needed to sell.

The house belonged to their father and his children were his caretakers. It was obvious from the beginning that the family dynamic was tense, each sibling taking a turn caring for their aging father. They were all exhausted. Priortizing the care of their father, the house fell by the way side.

We were able to work together with the family to purchase the house as-is at a price that both parties felt was fair for the condition and service we provided. Because the transaction would be in cash, a bank’s minimum standard for a home’s condition did not have to be met in order to be sold. As you can see, the house was full of stuff, but working with us, they only had to take out what they actually wanted to keep. We took care of the rest.

We waited to close until the most ideal date for the family, which had to change several times to accomodate his next living arrangement.

In the end, the family walked away with more freedom because the stress of their father’s home was no longer on their shoulders. If you’d like to read Liz’s review, you can here.

Renovation of The Overgrown Ranch

Overgrown landscaping covered the exterior of the expansive brick ranch-style home, which earned it the name: The Overgrown Ranch.

flipping houses how to flip houses raleigh before landscaping


exterior brick ranch renovation raleigh before landscaping

After ALL THE PLANTS were Removed

Although expansive, the home lacked a functional layout in the living/dining/kitchen area. Each section felt choppy and segregated.

house needs work sell investor as is cash buyer help

We decided to remove the walls that required the least amount of structural intervention, yet still open up the space. A stairwell leading to a full size walk-out basement was smack-dab in the middle of the formal living room, dining room, and kitchen and den.

demo day renovation raleigh layout

First to go was the wall dividing the kitchen and formal dining, but the stairwell remained an issue. Thankfully, because there was a landing at the top of the staircase, the entrance to that staircase was able to be pushed back, resulting in the perfect balance of openness and division for the space

open layout kitchen renovation design inspiration

After removing the walls, we were left with an enormous space for the kitchen, so much so, that we capitalized on that space to create an entry/landing area and office with sliding barn doors. The office was beautiful and overlooked the backyard.

kitchen open layout ranch renovation ideas home interior

raleigh house flip flipping houses raleigh

functional space light fixture office renovation

We stayed in communication with the previous owner and ended up inviting them back after the renovation was complete. The gorgeous reno was completely staged, ready for it’s debut. It felt brand new. To our suprise every sibling came and they brought their father! The family wandered around the house they once knew while caring for their aging parents. It was a quiet and bitter-sweet moment.

Watch the video reveal – a walkthrough of the Overgrown Ranch after the redemptive renovation.

One of the daughters walked up to me with tears in her eyes and told me, “It’s like you have completely redeemed this house and brought redemption to the whole situation. You know, it’s kind of like how Christ redeems us!” At that point we both had tears in our eyes.

This house actually was transformational for us personally. What an honor to be a part of!

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