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Raleigh’s Shenandoah Flip: The Built-in Pivot Plan

If you’ve been following the story of the Shenandoah Flip, you know we bought it with the intention of making it a rental, preferably with the option to rent it by the room. More bedrooms = more cash flow. BUT! We had to re-build with the ability to pivot.

Are you planning out a home renovation or building project where you get to create your ideal layout? Are you torn between more than one option? You definitely need to read this one.

Shenandoah’s Pivot Plan

The orginal layout for the Shenandoah Flip had 3 bedrooms and one functional bathroom upstairs. It had no true master and resale value dictates a need for a master with ensuite. Given our plans for the property, we had some decisions to make. 

(Here you can take a walk through the Shenandoah Flip and get a better idea of the original layout.)

The basement contained nothing but an old bathroom that doubled as the laundry.

The Inspiring Investment basement bathroom laundry room before renovation at Raleigh House Flip

However, the rest of the space downstairs was large enough for two rooms, a designated bathroom and separate laundry.

Although a layout plan maximizing # of bedrooms would $cashflow$ more per month, it could potentially hurt the value of the property in the future, because it still wouldn’t address the need for a master suite. 

Uriah’s solution? Framing two doorways behind the drywall: one between the two bedrooms, and one between the future master bedroom and bathroom. These doorways would be hidden from the finished space. This way, when the day comes to sell the property, all that will need to be done is remove drywall from the pre-framed areas, install two doors, and remove one other door. A small amount of work for a big reward.

To give you a rough visual, here is a layout showing both options in this construction project plan. Pay attention to door placement.

(PS. This drawings are not to scale – in reality, the bathroom is deep enough to have the shower and a double vanity on the left wall, but you get the idea.)

Option 1: The Current Layout

The Inspiring Investment Shenandoah Layout Option 1

Option 2: The Future Layout

(forgot to add the windows and furniture in this picture but you get the idea):

The Inspiring Investment House Flip Raleigh Layout Option 2 Project planning Construction

Talk about a pivot plan! Want to see how this house looks now? Here’s a sneak peak. Look at the *Highlights*. While you’re there, why don’t you hit that follow button. 

If you are considering two different layout options in your renovation, consider this idea as an option and give yourself some versitility for the future!

Do you have any other ideas?

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