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Our Reading List for 2020

Today I’m sharing our reading list for 2020, but I want to be clear: this is not a book club. I ain’t got time for that.

Who else is in the “I-start-a-book-but-rarely-finish-it” camp? (Exception: romantic fiction – then it’s an “up-until-midnight-every-night” situation, and I’m basically useless until it’s over). It wasn’t always this way! There once was a season in life when I was a non-stop reader and I seriously miss it.

If you happen to have the luxury of time or do a really stellar job of making time to read – I applaud you, teach me your ways. You should join a book club. The rest of us will just use Audible and create a short “reading” list for the year.

SO… in keeping with our 2020 Goals – (the one where we decided to exchange the nightly Netflix binge-watching for reading) I present to you, Uriah and I’s short and sweet 2020 Reading List! (AKA Listening List). Ideally, we will finish these by the end of the year and have 1 take-away from each book that to implement into our life or business. 

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Books to Read in 2020

** I’ve mentioned this book before, in our personal goals post. I feel the need to disclose to you: his voice this particular audible book is a bit monotone, but the content is valuable – already finished this one!

I share this short and sweet list of books because I believe the list is both achievable and valuable – and that maybe it would be for you, too.

Jump in with us! Let’s keep each other accountable. If you are on our email list, respond to February’s email and tell us the 5 books on your reading list this year! You can sign up here.

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