What I’ve Learned As The First Inspiring Intern

Hello there, from Natalie, your first Inspiring Intern. I’m hoping on one last time to share what I’ve learned at The Inspiring Investment.

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What I’ve Learned

Over the course of these three months I have had the pleasure of being the Inspiring Investment’s Inspiring Intern! I can’t believe how quickly times flies! During my time here, I had the pleasure of planning Instagram posts each week, helping build their Pinterest account and interacting with you guys on social! Thank you for being so kind to me and giving me so much to learn from! In addition to being on social, I learned how to use different planning software like Tailwind and Hootsuite, to create graphics on Canva, and even wrote two other blog posts.


As you may have noticed, this internship has been long distance, pushing me to become even more disciplined with my time. It is extremely freeing to not have a supervisor looking over your shoulder, but it also means that I have had a lot more responsibility. Communication has been extremely important and I had to up my game with this new and generous freedom. Altogether, I have enjoyed my experience with the Inspiring Investment and am sad to be leaving them, but excited to see how much they continue to grow. Being the Inspiring Intern has helped me grow in both my soft and hard skills and understand what it takes to run a business. Most of all however, this internship has taught me even more valuable lessons like hard work and treating others well.


Katie and Uriah work so hard. The more time I have spent with them the more I have seen their passion for what they do and who they do it for. Not only are they extremely talented at what they do – transforming older, dilapidated homes into beautiful, quality homes – but they are intentional about purchasing and remodeling homes in a way that honors the previous owner and the future owner as well. Their hearts truly break for those who are unable to take care of their homes and they provide a service to many of those families by purchasing those homes at a generous price when they might not otherwise be sold.

How to Juggle it All

In addition to being fantastic business owners, the Dortches love their family.

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I have seen them wrestle with how to work together in business and how to balance work time and family time, both which are very important. They stick to their priorities and have set a fantastic example of how to run a successful business, but also how to make sure it doesn’t consume their lives or take precedent over other important things. Running a business is not easy I have seen that first hand. In fact, I still don’t quite know how they do it, but they do it well!

The Why Behind Instagram

I was certainly shocked when I realized that the Inspiring Investment’s blog doesn’t directly help their business, their Instagram doesn’t reach sellers or even buyers. They created a paid position for someone to learn social media and to help in an avenue that I’m not sure has directly created any revenue! We have definitely promoted their brand and shown their beautiful work, but if you haven’t noticed they have never ever tried to get you to purchase anything from them. Katie created her blog because she and Uriah recognize that people need help.

Homes are a big deal. We all live in them. We desire them as our safe place, our resting spot. Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases a person may ever make, they want to help others make it well. Second, investing in real estate is one of the most stable ways to make an income! They want to spread the word! They want to inspire you, encourage you, and help you make your home a place where you enjoy being. Well, they have inspired me. I will walk away from this internship knowing that hard work pays off, priorities are important, setting goals are crucial, and that putting others above yourself is not easy but rewarding.  Thank you for what you have taught me Katie and Uriah – Love you forever!

Farewell Inspiring People! It’s been real.


PS. Check back in on Friday, because the next Inspiring Intern is making her appearance  🙂

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