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Our Services

Buying Houses (for our Business)

Of course, the main service we offer is buying houses. Some of you may think … and why is that a service?? There are times and circumstances when the most beneficial option to a seller is to sell a house quickly for cash. Some of the reasons and advantages to selling to someone like us are as follows:

  1. Easily Liquidating Assets for the purpose of Divorce Settlement, Bereavement or Debt Payment
  2. Avoiding Foreclosure due to Falling Behind on House Payments
  3. Eliminating the need to make Repairs or deal with House Showings or Paying any Realtor Fees
  4. Desiring to Downsize Quickly

Listing Houses / Buying Houses (for the Homeowner)

Uriah is a Real Estate Broker whose experience in flipping houses can benefit you as the homeowner as you list your home and find a new one. He can help guide you in making a good investment in your next house, whether you are looking for a fixer-upper or a fully renovated one.

Home Renovations

We are currently taking on a few home renovation projects. If you have a house project you don’t have time or energy to manage, feel free to reach out and let us give you a quote. Adding a deck, renovating a bathroom, or installing new flooring…. Uriah’s background in project management and flipping houses can benefit you in your home renovation project.

Opportunities to Invest

Through becoming a lending partner, we can offer you an opportunity to earn an interest rate on your money. Contact us for more information on what that would look like and what interest rates we can offer. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.
Want to see what other houses we are working on? Find out here.

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