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Quite a while ago, I was looking for some wall art that I could hang to pay tribute to North Carolina. I love the idea of displaying where I have grown up and where I call home. Gratefully, I found a girl right here in Cary!
Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I found her. I believe it was either through Buy-Sell-Trade on Facebook or through a craigslist ad.
Here it is displayed in my living room:

Display Table with local handmade Wood sign Cary
Woodsign – Local Artist, Birdcage – The Garden Store in Cary, Iron Keys – Farmers Market in Raleigh, Wood Tray – Terrain in Philadelphia, Candle – Target, Table – $35 craigslist find

If you love the look of wood signs to decorate your home and don’t have the time or skills to DIY, #shoplocal and consider buying something from your local artisan! By buying local you are not only supporting a small business, but helping to strengthen your local economy!
Table Decor with Keys, Book, wood sign and birdcage
I use this sign to stage our flips to make them feel like they are at home. I have recently purchased some more signs for staging purposes, but will also be using them in my house! Stay tuned to see where I am putting them and where I found them!
Until Next Time…

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