Careers @ Tii

Are you looking for a career doing something that matters? Do you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

If you enjoy construction, real estate, and want to grow as an individual with a group of people that care about your growth as well as the company’s, consider joining our team.

The tii Mission: To Create Opportunities in Real Estate

Opportunities to invest. To restore. To build. to develop. to grow. to learn. to give

What if…

  • What if you could have a career that helps put a dent in the massive housing deficit?
  • What if you were able to help others reach their financial goals through real estate?
  • What if your work made it possible to make local community impacts?
  • What if after being on this team, you didn’t want to leave?
  • (but if you did have to leave…) What if you walked away better than before?
Ready to make a change?

Join the Tii Team!

Why Tii?

Reason One

Fulfill your purpose

When each person on a team works out of their individual gifting and purses opportunities for personal development, work can be incredibly fulfilling!

Reason two

Find Comradery

Tii is a small but mighty team with an intentional pursuit of a productive and healthy internal culture. We invest in each other with team building events, continuing education, one-on-one’s, mentorship opportunities and more.

Reason three

Live on Mission

Business as a Ministry (BaaM) is a foundational pillar of Tii and takes on various forms: from how we care for each other on the team to how we care for our community. We strive to live out the core values of the company by participating in local events, giving financially to organizations that align with our values.

See for yourself …

Here is what our team has to say …

120 +
housing units and counting …

Do you want to join our team?

We currently hold the following positions at Tii. If you think you may be a good fit for one of these roles, click on the button below, read the job description and find where to apply.