Construction Manager Job Description

Do you like problem solving? Have a great attitude, but don’t put up with BS? Do you enjoy managing, incentivizing, and leading people? Consider joining our team as a Construction Manager.

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About the Job

This is not a new position. It is a management position in construction on our small but mighty team. The CM will manage between 20-40 projects per year to include new construction, reconstruction, and/or rental property turns through all phases of the project:

  • Pre-construction (Planning Phase)
  • Construction (Active Build Phase)
  • Project Completion (CO Received + Sales Process)

The CM will manage these projects with the support of a Field Superintendent + Admin + Design Assistant to ensure they finish on time and on budget, while also maintaining quality control.

We look for motivated individuals in this role and we need a team member who is capable of managing several projects at once. The right person is someone who fits our company culture and is looking for a company they can grow with and see results from what they put in as the business continues to develop.

Experience Requirements

3-7 years of hands-on construction experience with strong understanding of code requirements for multiple trades: framing, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. (New construction experience preferred)

At least 2 years of management experience (Construction management experience preferred)

Construction Manger Tasks & Job Duties

May include, but not be limited to:
  • Establishes Budgets with Approval of Upper Management
  • Monitors Individual Project Budgets Weekly/Monthly
  • Project Review with Upper Management
  • Managing construction schedule and accurate installs
  • Actively seeks out new equitable relationships with subs and vendors
  • Onboards vetted subcontractors and vendors
  • Communicates with Municipalities
  • On-site Management as Needed
  • Enforces Contractual Agreements with Subcontractors
  • Attend and Engage in Team Meetings and Events

Construction Manager Attributes & Skills

For this role, we look for the following attributes in a team member:

  • A Servant Leader
  • Exemplifies Humble Confidence
  • Someone who Holds Self and others Accountable
  • Values Excellence
  • High Level of Integrity
  • A Good Steward of Resources at Hand
  • A Tactful / Influential Communicator
  • Strong Problem Solver

For this role we look for the following skills in a team member:

  • People Skills
  • Organization
  • Strong Reading and Writing Skills in English
  • Computer Literacy

*We use the following digital tools: G-suite (Email, Spreadsheets, Docs), Dropbox, BuilderTrend (Construction Management Software), Slack and (EOS tool)

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