What We Do

What We Do

Real Estate Services

Uriah is a real estate Broker, which enables him to accurately determine property value, usually this skill is used to purchase houses within our company, but additionally, he will take on retail clients, representing them as their Listing Agent under Realty Raleigh. The combination of his work experience and investment business gives him many skills which can benefit you in the purchase and/or sale of your home.

  • When Listing a Home…
    • Uriah will use his skills in customer service, intimate knowledge of the local real estate market, and goal-oriented negotiating to be a valuable asset to you in the sale of your house.
    • Katelynn will use her eye for design and staging experience to help you showcase your home in the best light when selling your home.
  • When Purchasing a Home…
    • Uriah’s knowledge of the real estate market, experience in renovations and home repairs, and investment mentality will help to guide you towards making a solid decision.

Home Design & Renovation Consultation and Services

Every house is an investment, make it a good one! Whether you’re maintaining your existing home, purchasing a fixer-upper, or have a design dilemma, we can help make your house feel like home. Showcase your largest investment!

  • Consultations – Flipping Houses, Renovations
  • Design – Staging, Styling, Selections, Layouts
  • We Now Do Roof Replacements – get a quote!

Cash Home Buying

For homeowners who don’t want to put any more time or money into their house and like the idea of selling as-is on their preferred date, but don’t like the idea of a “we buy ugly houses” type company: We are your cash home buyers. Whether the house needs a lot of work or a little; whether it’s a burden or a treasure; we are here and want you to see us as an option. Let’s start the conversation.